With the ZipyDo Smart Kiosk, you just walk up to it, open the Kiosk door with your Smartphone. Pick whatever you want, shut the door, and Voilà, you are done!

ZipyDo is currently piloting the Smart Kiosk at select localities.

ZipyDo Technologies

An end-to-end Instant retail platform that enables a fully automated hyperlocal experience for urban consumers who want to purchase ready to eat food and groceries quickly.

Our platform provides a fully autonomous micro format store which consists of 3 main component – a fully connected smart Kiosk, a consumer mobile application for placing orders, a powerful big data analytics engine that can optimise inventory stocking by predicting future demand. The smart Kiosk is equipped with computer vision and sensor based recognition technology that enables automatic checkout of items picked up. When placed in the right locations with high demand, the Kiosks can help drive a tremendous amount of consumer demand.